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 L’Shana Tova 5771!


 Kehillat Emet VeShalom, the only Progressive synagogue in Nahariya and the Western Galilee, is pleased to send you this update on what we have been doing as well as a Rosh Hashana message from Rabbi Horowitz.

Bnai Brith Youth Delegation Attend Friday Night Services!

Emet VeShalom had the pleasure of warmly welcoming 88 Bnai Brith youth visiting Israel.  They joined us for Kabbalat Shabbat services for three consecutive weeks. What a joyous and spirited addition they were to our large and engaged congregation which comes on a weekly basis to welcome the Sabbath.


English Speakers Club hears Freda Keet Discuss Her Career In Israeli Journalism

In June the English Speakers Club was treated to an engrossing and entertaining lecture by Freda Keet, a well-known newscaster for Kol Israel.  In stirring prose, she related her own story of a woman journalist who broke through the barrier of male domination and succeeded in reporting from the frontlines in Israel.

Emet Veshalom holds Joint Programs with other Congregations - Tisha B’Av Study Evening

Emet VeShalom, along with other Reform congregations in the North, participated in an informative and stimulating study evening, “Fracture and Repair” to commemorate Tisha B’ Av. Held at Kibbutz Yagur (just northeast of Haifa), the program included a lecture in Hebrew by well-known author A. B. Yehoshua, a workshop for Spanish speakers, a reading of the Scroll of Ekha, passages of poetry and traditional dirges of lamentation.

Adult Community Programs and Activities

Our programs provide a channel for immigrants and others in Nahariya to acquire Jewish and Israeli values and traditions in a supportive, relaxed and enjoyable framework. Emet veShalom helps bridge the culture gap between the many groups that call the Western Galilee their home. We are grateful to the Federation of Northern New Jersey for its continued support of our adult community programs and activities.

Our Friends Abroad are Important to Us!

On July 12-13th Dr. Norman Loberant visited our sister Congregation Sinai in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He spent an evening with members of the Congregation and the next day toured the synagogue. What a positive connection - a real person-to-person connection between Kehillath Emet ve Shalom and Congregation Sinai. Norman said that “I just hope that more visits in both Nahariya and Milwaukee and between Emet VeShalom and other congregations are in the offing.


Norman with Bobbi Unger Rector (Congregaion Sinai’s former Israel Committee Chairperson) and son, at Congregation Sinai, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.both Nahariya and Milwaukee are in the offing. A picture album is just below.


Whenever Rosh Hashana arrives, we usually think about our desires for the next year.  The first thing that comes to many minds is peace - peace in Israel and peace everywhere in the world.  However, it almost seems as if the world doesn’t want to live peacefully.

 Judaism proposes a life where one searches for peace and emphasizes the importance of family life, the construction of a just society, and respect for others.

Let us dream that one day, the prophetic message that weapons will be turned into work tools shall become a reality.


If we have faith, and if each of us within our little world would do something for peace as the New Year begins, such as opening a dialogue with our neighbors or respecting different people and different ways of life, we may slowly transform the world. Instilling this in our children, convincing ourselves of the same, feeling that our neighbors need us and we need them will all lead towards our goal of and hope for peace.

Perhaps it is a dream. Let us propose that for this New Year 5771, and perhaps next year we can say that part of the dream has become reality.

Shana Tova


As an old year finishes and new one begins we all have dreams and expectations.  At this time, we will have the possibility of the Heshbon Nefesh, to examine the good things that we have done throughout the year and to ask forgiveness for wrongdoing. In turn, we will also have the possibility of renewing our link to the spiritual and of asking G-d to inscribe us in the Book of Life and to continue with our personal journey, together with our families, friends and community. 

Kehillat Emet veShalom asks you to share these moments with our congregation, contributing to and reaping the benefits of communal, spiritual and social support as part of our Reform congregation in Nahariya Israel.

Emet VeShalom offers those living in Northern Israel an opportunity to participate in an egalitarian and pluralistic Judaism and the freedom to express Judaism as one chooses.  We extend an invitation to you to visit us when you are in Israel. Celebrate Shabbat and holidays with us! Visits to our community and contact and support from our friends abroad are very meaningful to us.

Please join us as Overseas Members, or if you have already committed yourself, we hope that you will renew your membership, and/or if you would like to give a gift in honor of, or in memory of a loved one we welcome your tax deductible donation via the Kehillot B’Yachad website:

As the High Holidays approach, keep a piece of your heart in Israel at Emet veShalom.

On behalf of the leadership and members of Emet veShalom, we would like to wish you a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year. May you, your family and friends have a year of goodness and may Israel and the entire world find peace.

Rabbi Israel Horowitz        Sharon Mann

For Kehillat Emet VeShalom Nahariya

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