Congregation Emet VeShalom

Nahariya Israel

March, 2010

Shalom Chaverim!!

The leadership and members of Emet VeShalom hope you and your community have a Hag Pesach Sameach!

During Passover we will hold services and a festive congregational Seder on the second night; many in the congregation enjoy participating in the second Seder for the sense of spirit and community feeling.


The community of Emet VeShalom has been busy!  We are happy to share some highlights of our year with you…

Purim is celebrated with Great Merriment

We celebrated Purim with great merriment. After Havdalah, the reading of the Megilat Esther was followed by a children’s costume parade, klezmer music, a light supper of pita, hummus and humantaschen, and continued dancing into the night. Everyone enjoyed participating in this event with the wonderful sense of spirit and community that permeates all our Shabbat services and holiday celebrations. We also took part in the annual Ad Lo Ya Da municipal parade through the center of Nahariya with other groups and schools from the area and shared in the joyful carnival like atmosphere that surrounds Israel during Purim.


While the Rabbi is Away Youth Lead Services! 

Congregants enjoyed the services led by our youth during Rabbi Horowitz’s vacation in Argentina. They joined in the prayers and singing with their usual spirit and afterwards expressed great pride in the young congregants who conducted the services so ably.








English Speaker’s Club Continues!


Emet veShalom English Speakers’ Club features speakers on topics affecting Israel and Judaism. This is the only forum providing the opportunity for English speakers in the area to gather and hear interesting and relevant discussions. All in attendance were stimulated by the recent lecture by Manny Socolovsky [Major Reserves] on The Information War. A native of Pennsylvania, Manny Socolovsky has lived in Israel since 1980 and Shavei Zion (2 kilometers south of Nahariya) since 1987. He was an Infantry officer, a former company commander, and he has served as an army spokesperson since 2003. Manny spoke about how he explains the official IDF perspective on the Second Lebanon War to journalists, politicians and other visiting delegations.


Emet VeShalom Youth to attend Israel Reform Movement's Youth Group (“Noar Telem”) Weekend Conference in the Desert!

Members of our youth are looking forward to attending an outing in the desert during Pesach vacation with other Noar Telem youth from around the country. It is an important opportunity for our future leaders to meet and share experiences as they build the Reform community in Israel. 


Friendship from Abroad is Meaningful to Emet VeShalom!

Members of Emet VeShalom had the pleasure of hosting Rabbi Stanley Miles of Temple Shalom in Louisville, Kentucky, Rabbi Aryeh Azriel of Temple Israel in Omaha, Nebraska, Rabbi Leah Herz of Temple Israel in Canton, Ohio and Temple Israel President John Spera during their recent trip to Israel.  

 We thank the Federation of Northern New Jersey for its continued support of our adult community programs. We are grateful to the Glick Family Foundation for its support of Emet VeShalom's home at 108 Weizman Street.

We are grateful to our friends abroad for their continued friendship and support; we enjoy participating in projects with them which bring our community and theirs closer together by exchanging ideas about Israel, Progressive Judaism and our heritage.

We invite you and your congregation to learn with us and be part of our overseas family; your membership will help ensure the future of our egalitarian congregation which offers northern Israel a place to express Jewish religious and spiritual identity in an open environment.  Both women and men, daughters and sons, have a place to celebrate life cycle events on an equal basis and share in a complete and equal religious life.


We are grateful that our community, the only Reform congregation in Nahariya, is flourishing and going from strength to strength.We extend an invitation to you to visit us when you are in Israel.  Celebrate Shabbat and holidays with us! Visits to our community and contact and support from our friends abroad are very meaningful to us at Emet VeShalom.


On behalf of the leadership and congregation of Kehillat Emet veShalom, we wish you a Chag Sameach!

To become an Overseas Member or to renew your Membership, contact Sharon Mann at or use the link to Kehillat B’Yachad to make a tax deductible donation:


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