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Nahariya, Israel

 L’Shana Tova 5772!

Shalom! Kehillat Emet VeShalom is pleased to send you an update on what we have been doing as well as a Rosh Hashanah message from our new President, Beth Loberant.

Although summer is usually a quieter time, it was filled with many events and we want to share some highlights with you.

Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) is Important to Us!

Over the summer, Rabbi Horowitz, a cantor for many years, visited municipal senior homes sharing song and spirit with the residents! 

The English Speakers' Club Continues with Engrossing and Informative Lectures Attended by Nahariya and the Western Galilee's English Speaking Community! 


Dr. Jerry Kutnick spoke about the history and sociology of American Jewry in a lecture entitled AMERICAN JEWRY: “HAVING ONE’S CAKE AND EATING IT TOO?” Dr. Kutnick, Dean for Academic Affairs, Director of the Division of Continuing Education and an Associate Professor of History and Jewish Thought at Gratz College in Philadelphia, is an expert on American Jewry and American Zionism.

Western Galilee College’s Dr. Nadav Kashtan Spoke on ‘Israel and the Sea from the Bible to the Present’

Dr. Nadav Kashtan, former director of the National Maritime Museum in Haifa, now heads the new Department of Conservation Studies at the Western Galilee College, Akko and is also a faculty member at Haifa University. His lecture dealt with the maritime world of Jews and Judaism from the Bible to the present.


Emet Veshalom holds Tisha B’Av Study Evening

Rabbi Horowitz led us in a meaningful observance of Tisha B’av which included reading of the Lamentations (in Hebrew, English and Spanish), a discussion about “The Political Reasons for the Destruction of the First and Second Temples,"  Midrashim about Tisha B’Av and the Torah reading.

We celebrated the Festival of Tu B’av!

We had a full house for a program featuring songs of love, a talk on the history and customs of the festival, conversation in pairs and love stories from the Bible in English, Hebrew and Spanish.

Throughout the Summer We Welcomed Groups of Youth from Abroad at Shabbat Services!

We hosted 200 visiting B’nai B’rith Youth who welcomed Shabbat with our large and spirited congregation. We loved bringing Shabbat alive for them to experience in Israel.


Adult Activities Program Fills Community Need

Many of our programs provide a channel for immigrants and others in Nahariya to acquire Jewish and Israeli values and traditions in a supportive, relaxed and enjoyable framework.  Emet veShalom helps bridge the culture gap between the many groups that call Nahariya and the Western Galilee their home. We thank the UJA Federation of Northern New Jersey for its support of these programs.

Spotlight on Emet VeShalom members: NINA AND MANUEL GRUSMAN


Nina and Manuel Grusman made aliyah to Nahariya from Argentina in 2001. They are retirees and call ‘Emet VeShalom their home.’


Both Nina and Manuel participate in many of the activities offered to the adult immigrant community such as the Yiddish Club, Bible in Spanish, the Good Movie Club, (Hebrew) Ulpan, Decoupage and Current Affairs. Nina is a member of our Culture Committee and helps plan many of our holiday celebrations and programs.


“Emet VeShalom is a comfortable place for us. We appreciate all of the Jewish cultural and educational programs and our lives are based around them and the community for our social and religious needs. We hope that the congregation continues growing to benefit our community.” (Interview and translation from the original Spanish by Rachel Horowitz)


Message from Congregation President Beth Loberant for the New Year

September 2011/ Elul 5772 

Dear Friends,

As we embark on the Jewish Year, 5772 it is my privilege to write to you. At Emet veShalom, 5771 has been filled with community activities, Sabbath prayer and song, and holiday celebrations. We have joined with our members and their families as they celebrated births, bnai mitzvah and weddings and cried with them at funerals and memorial services.  We are grateful for the rich community life we are privileged to share with one another as Jews in Israel. 

Our community is enhanced by sharing our lives with you, our friends from Partnership and individuals and congregations outside Israel.  We thank each of you for your visits, friendship, concern and continuing moral and financial support.

Life in Israel is often challenging. Domestically and regionally, current conditions are at best uncertain.   Members of Emet veShalom continue to pray for and strive to be part of solutions that will improve the lives of our congregants and fellow citizens as well as those of our neighbors in the region. We work for, and hope and pray daily for the return of Gilad Schalit from captivity.

On behalf of Rabbi Israel Horowitz, Coordinator Marcos Lion and the entire congregation of Emet veShalom, I extend to you and yours our best wishes that all your endeavors in 5772 will be filled with health, prosperity, happiness, light and peace.


Beth Loberant

President, Congregation Emet veShalom

Nahariya, Israel

Emet veShalom hopes you will share in our community – the only egalitarian and pluralistic congregation in Nahariya. Please visit us when you are in Israel and when you aren’t, visit us on Facebook so you can stay up to date on our events and keep connected to us!!/group.php?gid=164518506951

With heartfelt appreciation we thank all of our current Overseas Members whose generosity enabled us to renew the lease on our building, 108 Weizman Street, for another year so that we can continue to flourish and go from strength to strength.  


If you would like to become an Overseas Member, or renew your membership as the High Holidays approach, you can do so through Kehillot B'Yachad (KBY) at or write to Sharon Mann at Keep a piece of your heart in Israel at Emet veShalom.

Shana Tovah! - May you, your family and friends have a year of health and goodness, and may Israel and the entire world find peace.

Rabbi Israel Horowitz            Sharon Mann

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